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Sooooo….This is my blogsite for….everything.

What’s in a name?

I once played the role of Richard Noakes in Tom Stoppard’s play, ARCADIA.  Having my director give me “notes” on my performance got me thinking that “Noakes’ Notes” would make a great title for an online blog or column.

“Mishaguyas” is a word than means “craziness” or “nonsensical” and life is certainly full of its crazy, nonsensical moments and people.

Since I have a lot if ideas, experiences…and questions….I decided I needed a place to post my writings….my thoughts….my poetry…my songs…my struggles….my pains…my joys and my delights…all the things that make me, “me” and run through my head.

That is why this is here, and where the name comes from.



Author, actor, director, technician, student of life, lover of all that is good, friend to everyone. I care.

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