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POEM: The Turmoil, by K.T. Klay

The Turmoil


K.T Klay

Oh the things I’ve seen

And the lessons I’ve learned

How they tear at me

How I long to be with

and without

                                                the turmoil that

throws its pale shadow over

           all that is now…

To be able to be open and vulnerable and real

without the miles-thick walls and gates that surround me now

To experience the wonder of human connection

without the wonder of how long til the pain and betrayal

To experience the wonder of a new life

without wondering how long til it is destroyed … corrupted

To look on pain and death and disaster and destruction and…and helplessness

and feel sadness for them

and not sadness that I feel nothing for them

To feel the softness of a human touch

without the fear and anticipation of the pain it will bring

To feel alone and not feel safer and more comfortable than

when I am with those with whom I should feel safe and comfortable

To not have miles of impenetrable walls surrounding me

Oh the lessons I have learned

and the things that I have seen

© 2016 K.T. Klay



Author, actor, director, technician, student of life, lover of all that is good, friend to everyone. I care.

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