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POEM: “The hurtful-healing whisper’d words” by K.T. Klay

Words are nothing…

…they are the whisper of a breeze.

Yet they have the power of a double edge sword,

and can summon…

…such irrational fears.


I hear the words

…I love you…

I long to hear

…I love you…

Those words I need

…I love you…

They bring pain and they bring fear

…I love you…

The terror grows

…I love you…

My heart it knows

…I love you…

those bitter sweet words

…I love you…

Reduce me to tears

…I love you…

the tears they flow

…I love you…

I feel the blow

…I love you…

I long for it much

…I love you…

A gentle touch

…I love you…


…I love you…

My wounded heart cries

…I love you…

The lies, the lies

…I love you…

I need it to be true

…I love you…

Those words from you

…I love you…

Yet I find it hard

…I love you…

To believe anew

…I love you…

And yet…

…I love you


Those three words

…I love you…

Those whispered words

…I love you…

A whispered breeze

…I love you…

Have not power

…I love you…

yet bring healing

…I love you…

Or bring pain

…I love you…

There are no three words

…I love you…

That pack such a punch

…I love you…

For better or worse

…I love you…

Than the words

…”I love you”…

 -K.T. Klay (c)2018




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TEARS – a Poem


By K.T. Klay


The sky is clear yet the tempest rages in my heart for you;

torrents of rain fall from my eyes.


Tears are falling,

tears of pain,

tears they fall

like torrents of rain.


They course down my face,

they stream down my cheeks,

my sensitive aching heart

it does not know peace.

I grieve

I mourn

I weep

And I wail

I grieve here with you,

as you fight through your hell.

Yet, tears bring, healing

This I have known

Tears are best,

when they fall not alone


To grieve with another

Can help with our pain

So more quickly we rise

To face life again.

To know in our hearts

That we grieve not alone

I write you this verse

this word

this poem

If you must grieve

Know in your heart

That I am here for you

And I aim not to part

I’ll sit

           I’ll weep

I’ll give you my ear

I’m here for you, friends

Through laughter

through tear.

My shoulder’s a sponge that drinks in your rain;

I sit with you now and weep in your pain.

..and if in your grief, you feel you must hit

My back you may have to release all of it.

It’s OK….

 let it all out…

‘til the skies in our hearts

are again skies of blue.


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“Friends” a poem by K.T. Klay

What or who are your friends?

A friend is someone who’s actions match their words.

A friend will tell you the truth, even if it makes you BOTH uncomfortable.

They are someone who will be there for you if they can,

or have a really good (and valid) reason why they can’t be.

A friend doesn’t pass the “buck” to someone else when you ask for help.

A friend doesn’t offer “help” with major strings attached.

A friend likes you for who you are,

not for what they can get from you or what you can offer them.

Friends don’t care what’s in your past.

They care about you, and love you where you are, right now.

I’d rather hear an ugly truth than a sweet lie.

Thank you, friends, for being my friends.

 – K.T. Klay –

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Hearts (Poem) by K. T. Klay

Hearts were made to beat

Hearts were made to love

Hearts were made to be filled

With all that good things are made of


Hearts are made to guide

Hearts were made to cherish

Hearts were not made

to beat alone.


Hearts were not made to be broken

Hearts were not made to hurt

Harts were not made to be crushed

By pain, loneliness, and rejection.


But, half a heart is not a whole


A heart cannot be cold

A heart cannot be made of stone

A heart should not be made

To cry out a sorrow-filled tone


I must go on

I’m still alive

Though without a heart

How may I survive

I must be strong

I must be tough

I must keep my heart soft

and warm to the touch

© 2017 K.T. Klay


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POEM: The Miracle of Love (1990)

Found this as I was sorting through old files.   I wrote this in high school, a long time ago, in a gal…err…city far away.


The Miracle of Love

by Kevin Klay (May, 1990)


All our lives we search,

We search for that one missing piece;

The one special person who will love us,    Love us enough to want to be with us,

Be with us for the rest of our life.


We wait patiently,    Sometimes impatiently,

Watching,    Waiting,


Will I always be alone?

Is there anyone out there who can love me?

We cry.


Just when we give up hope, When we start to accept our fate,

Lonely solitude;

A miracle happens:

The miracle of love.


God’s love has created that special one

And carries that one to us

And our life becomes complete.


K.T Klay (c)1990

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POETRY: “Used & Discarded (like a phophylatic)” by K.T Klay

NOTE: Both men and women can be victims of the one-sided sexual desires of another human being who is only out to satisfy themselves.  This was written from my point of view, as an expression of how I have felt after being in abusive, negligent, one-sided sexual encounters.  These were not one night stands, but supposedly loving committed (post-ceremony) relationships. Feel free to let me know if you’ve ever felt the same.




What?!?!  That’s it?   Well….I guess that’s all I am good for.

Here I lay…used…discarded…….dirty.

Once, I felt important.   Once, I felt beautiful.   Once, I felt useful.   I sat and waited…

I waited for the day when someone else might see that same importance, beauty, and usefulness in me.

Oh, how I dreamed of that day….how I anticipated it….I longed for it….you might even say I hungered for it.

When I saw you had seen me, I was so happy!  You saw me….you see me… selected me……   I am so elated….so excited…. the day is here where I will finally serve my purpose!  I will experience all I’ve longed for…all that I have craved…all that I was made for….I will finally be complete…whole.

I was wrong, though.  I was deceived.  I was misled.

Together we went…..into the heat….into the passion…all our wrappings came off…..all the adornment….. we stand before each other and with each other and together… raw…. naked.  Together we come…. we connect….. we moan…. we pant ….we grind…. oh the ecstasy …..  you peak….you quake….you quiver….you grunt, moan….groan….

You lie still for a moment….you got what you wanted….you got what you needed.  It’s my turn…..I’m getting close…ooohhh….huhh?

You throw me off and toss me aside.   “Wait!”  “I’m not done!”  “Oh….OK….well, can’t we cuddle…can’t we talk?”

Here I lay as you walk away…. I am covered with your secretions and mine…..dirty….dripping…oozing..ostracized…slippery….slimy…..unsanitary….undesirable.

Realization hits….reality sets in…harsh and bitter.  To you, I was nothing special…I was  a tool…. I was a toy…. I was an object for your pleasure…your satisfaction…I was and am inhuman…unimportant…unloved…devalued….discarded.

Like a used prophylactic, I am discarded…..tossed aside…spent and used…..dirty….unloved…..unvalued……unadored……unadorned.

I am not a toy….I am not a prophylactic….I am a human being…I have feelings….I have needs and desires!  I don’t ask for much….I don’t need much….I don’t desire much.

Love me!  Cherish Me! Value Me!  Pleeease!!!!

Oh, no!   You’re back…..and you’ve got that look in your eye…..again.

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POEM: The Turmoil, by K.T. Klay

The Turmoil


K.T Klay

Oh the things I’ve seen

And the lessons I’ve learned

How they tear at me

How I long to be with

and without

                                                the turmoil that

throws its pale shadow over

           all that is now…

To be able to be open and vulnerable and real

without the miles-thick walls and gates that surround me now

To experience the wonder of human connection

without the wonder of how long til the pain and betrayal

To experience the wonder of a new life

without wondering how long til it is destroyed … corrupted

To look on pain and death and disaster and destruction and…and helplessness

and feel sadness for them

and not sadness that I feel nothing for them

To feel the softness of a human touch

without the fear and anticipation of the pain it will bring

To feel alone and not feel safer and more comfortable than

when I am with those with whom I should feel safe and comfortable

To not have miles of impenetrable walls surrounding me

Oh the lessons I have learned

and the things that I have seen

© 2016 K.T. Klay

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If I Could Do Anything – A poem, A Song, A Lament

If I Could Do Anything

by K.T Klay


If I could do anything, Be anything, anything in this world

What would I be

What would I do?


Would I be a sports hero, a philanthropist, a zillionaire

Would I be a model, a star, someone who soars through the air

Would I be a pimp, a pusher, a gangsta, a shmo

Would I be someone everyone wants to know

Would I be a rocker, a rapper, leader of the band

Would I be the most known person in all the land

Would I be a politician, a leader, king of all I see

Would every person in the world come to pay homage to me?


Of all the things that people crave

There is only one thing my heart desires

There is only one thing of which I dream

There is only one purpose, one legacy, one goal that fills my heart.


I would make people laugh and smile and forget

Because I have cried enough tears

And suffered enough pain

For all who have, Or ever shall



22 July 2016.