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If I Could Do Anything – A poem, A Song, A Lament

If I Could Do Anything

by K.T Klay


If I could do anything, Be anything, anything in this world

What would I be

What would I do?


Would I be a sports hero, a philanthropist, a zillionaire

Would I be a model, a star, someone who soars through the air

Would I be a pimp, a pusher, a gangsta, a shmo

Would I be someone everyone wants to know

Would I be a rocker, a rapper, leader of the band

Would I be the most known person in all the land

Would I be a politician, a leader, king of all I see

Would every person in the world come to pay homage to me?


Of all the things that people crave

There is only one thing my heart desires

There is only one thing of which I dream

There is only one purpose, one legacy, one goal that fills my heart.


I would make people laugh and smile and forget

Because I have cried enough tears

And suffered enough pain

For all who have, Or ever shall



22 July 2016.