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89/365 #365 DaysOfGratitude

Tonight, I am grateful for milestones. I took my first shower by myself (since before the accident) today. I was able to make it through the day with fewer painkillers and muscle relaxers. I was up and about for over 3 hours. I went into a grocery store for the first time since.

I’m grateful for my friends. The love and support I am getting is amazing.

I’m grateful for friends who are working to help with fees and my future. I now have a fundraising page thanks to the efforts of you all.

I am grateful for sleep, which is quickly claiming me as I write.

I am so very grateful for all of you, my Family of friends. Thank you for being you and doing all you do.

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88/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Tonight, I am grateful for Pilate’s, yoga, and dance. As I continue my recovery from my car accident, I realize how the flexibility, endurance, and balance that I learned and gained through these allowed me to be limber enough to minimize the damage to my body. The balance and endurance that I built up are assisting in speeding up my recovery time, now.

I am grateful for my ability to walk. For weeks I have been barely able to walk, but for at leat 10 days, I couldn’t get out of bed. Even though I am slow and must use an assisting device, I can walk. I can get up and move about; this is something we tend to take for granted, and I am particularly grateful for my ability tonight.

I’m grateful that I could begin weaning myself off painkillers and muscle relaxers, today. I only took one dose of each, today. This was a big step; yesterday, I knew if I had missed a dose within an hour of missing it. To begin to break free of potentially addicting medications leaves me very grateful.

I am grateful for time to think. I love to visit, and visit with people. I also value time to think. Today was my first day with no visitors. While it did seem a little lonely, it also afforded me time to think and process, which, as an introvert….I need.

I am grateful for the love and visitors I have gotten. Phone calls, cards, notes, friendly faces at my side all go so far to allow me to keep from feeling isolated. Even though I am an introvert, I am a social person and love people. Sometimes I’m just so busy going, going, going, and giving, giving, giving…that I become unaware of those around me and how I impact them….how I impact you. Thank you for all the love. I am so very grateful for each of you, my family of friends.

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87/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Tonight I am grateful for the sun, fresh air, good food, pain medications, for unexpected visitors bearing tidings of good will and bringing great joy and conversation.

I am also grateful for people who keep their word. Those people who do what they say, when they say it. I know sometimes life gets in the way and unexpected events come up and cause delay, I understand that, but there are those who drop what they are doing and are there in a pinch, or get there as quickly as possible….. which is really fast. I am grateful when I know someone is coming and is prompt, so I’m not left wondering if they are safe.

I am grateful for sleep. When we are healing, sleep allows us to heal faster. Sleep is our bodies way of processing our day and resetting. When we have done too much, sleep tells us so…..right now, I am falling asleep as I write…. Because I have done too much and I am healing.

I am thankful for my body. It is an amazing thing. Yes there are parts I dislike, but it is my body and it serves me well. It is an amazing thing, and I am grateful for it, and for all it does.

Most of all, I am grateful for you, my family of friends. You are beautiful and amazing, and I love you all. I am #grateful365days for you.

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86/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Tonight I am grateful for friends who are there to hold me up, since I cannot hold myself up…who are able to help bring clarity to my cloudy mind, advise with words of wisdom, lift with arms that are strong and true, and battle for me with swift precision.

I am grateful for life, and my car. As I stood in the mud and gazed on the wreckage that was my car. I realized how truly lucky I was to be standing there. I used to say of my car, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.” I know that’s what Han Solo said of his ship “The Millennial Falcon” and I said it of my CSR, “The Perennial Turkey.” As I lay here now, looking back at my day and my car, tears stream down my face. I realize and I give tearful gratitude to my car. I realize that my trusty bird, my “turkey” wrapped me in her wings that fateful Sunday, sixteen days ago, and held me close and tight in her bosom as we spun out of control, and then gave up her life to keep me safe as we plunged down that hill to the rocks below. I am alive and far less injured because (among other reasons) my “turkey” held me close and gave her…… protect my life.

I am grateful for a healthy meal that I did not have to prepare, and the one who prepared it. Food nourishes us. It helps us heal and relax, and reset. Anytime I receive a good home cooked meal, I am grateful for it and for the one who has prepared it.

I am grateful for laughter. At the end of a very long, painful, stressful day, it is so wonderful to sit with friends who have been with you through the day and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Laughing releases us from the sadness, the pain, the worries, the disappointments, the stresses of the day. It’s a wonderful way to stare it all in the face, and give it the only answer you can, the answer it does not expect, the answer that says “You have no power over me”….. the answer of laughing in the face of it all, and then turning your back and walking away.

I am grateful for all those who checked on me and inquired of my well-being. Though I could not speak with everyone as much as I would have liked, I am grateful for the love and caring that has come.

I am so very grateful for each of you, my family of friends, whether I know you well or I have never met you, if you are a regular reader of my posts or this is the first one you’ve read….I am grateful for you. Hopefully I will see (or meet) you soon. I love you all so much, and I am #grateful365days for you.

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85/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Tonight I am grateful to be free of pain. Through it’s not gone, it is significantly decreased.

I am grateful for connection. I know that I list this a lot, but I can’t express it enough and I become more grateful for it every day. I have felt so alone while in rooms filled with dozens or hundreds of people I know…to walk into a room and know you are connected with those in the room….all I can be is humbled, and grateful.

I am grateful for hugs, and smiles.

I am grateful for letters and a flower.

I am grateful that I can stand, and walk.

I am grateful for clean clothes.

I am grateful for Chicken Pesto pizza.

I am grateful for time with groups of people, and when I can spend quality time with just one person.

Please know that you aren’t “rambling” and that you don’t need to apologize…I am grateful when someone feels comfortable enough to express freely, openly, and honestly what lies heavy on their hearts….if you feel that you need to speak it, I feel I need to hear it.

I am grateful for each and every one who has taken the time to read this, who have been in my life, for allowing me to be a part of your life and share my heart with you, I am grateful for You…my family of friends.

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83/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

83/365 – Today I am grateful for my ability to hear. I lay here in bed. At the moment, there is no one around. Outside rain falls. I can hear it. I realize, there are those in this world who could not hear the rainfall. They can’t hear the lovely, melody the water makes. It rushes from the heights of the sky to the dance floor of the roof, each drop joining the next in a rhumba, and then samba, along the eves, and into the gutters, then a waltz down the drain and a slow, elegant sashe into the yard. Many do not realize the wonder of the falling rain, much less the sound it makes and really HEAR it. We take the function of our ears….our ability to hear anything and everything… for granted. Tonight, I listen to the melody, and the harmony and give thanks that I am able to take it in with my ears.

I am also grateful for the rain. It falls and gives drink to the animals and the ants and the plants. It allows life to exist. It rinses away the dirt and the old, and uncovers newness, treasure and gold.

I am grateful for my sight. As with hearing of our ears, we take for granted that which we see with our eyes. I looked out my window today and saw sun, and clouds, and rain, and birds, and trees….yes it was blurry because I have no glasses, but I COULD SEE the light, shapes, colors, and motion. There are those who cannot see colors, and those who cannot see light. Their world is a world of darkness. Though I cannot see clearly, I can see and I am grateful for my sight. However, when I speak of being grateful for sight, I’m not just speaking about that which I see with my eyes. Experience, too is type of sight….the ability to look back at life and see how I may have done things better and look forward to see how I may do things differently as I approach similar situations. I can also look around me at where I am now, and those around me and see the beauty and wonder that is in them. I may have answers to questions they have, or I may see that they have answers to questions I may have. I am grateful that I can see with the eyes in my head and the eyes of my heart and the eyes of experience…

I am grateful for an unexpected opening at my optometrist, today… so I can begin the process of getting new glasses.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be with friends….. surrounded by people who love and care for me. Most of my life I have felt so alone. I realize that I was never alone, except in my own eyes.

Finally, I am grateful for my family of friends. For you, each of you, are my family and my friend. I see you, I hear you, I care about you, and I am #grateful365days for each of you.

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82/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Today’s post combines two days of gratitude posts (81 and 82).

Tonight, as I reflect back on the past two days (3/21, 3/22) I find that I am grateful for medical aids. As I recover the use of my body following my tragic automotive accident on March 11, 2018, I am having to rely on devices I would have never (and have never) used before. My torso is caged in polystyrene, fiberglass(I think) plating that is held together with Velcro straps and copper rivets. It keeps my spine and torso straight so my ligaments, tendons, and vertebrae can heal. When I walk, I use a walker to help me maintain balance, I use a claw on the end of a long pole to reach items that I can’t reach, but I once was able to (and I will be able to again one day) and I’m grateful for a special tool that allows me to reach and clean areas I can’t reach (but will be able to again one day) and for devices that help me get in and out of the shower, an on and off the commode. The self-care things we do every day are so wonderful to do….until you can’t…. and then, you can. For this, I am grateful.

I’m grateful for song and solitude and serenity. For a little while last night, I had no roommate in my hospital room. I was feeling musical so I sang out. It was so freeing to sing out with no worries about disturbing my neighbor. Through the process, I noticed that the hospital halls… normally quite noisy and hectic, became still and quiet. No one yelling, no TVs, no conversations…. just quiet. After I stopped, the normal chaos resumed. I received a few notices of appreciation… there has not been anything like that happening in many of the staff’s memories, and other patients were grateful for the sound and the break from the normal. So, I am also grateful that I could bring some peace and beauty to the staff and patients that were around me.

I’m grateful that my stay in the hospital was extended an extra day. I needed more time to heal before I felt I was ready to be released. I was right.

I’m grateful for the buckets and barrels and tankers of rain that collapsed from the sky in great torrents and gushers.

I’m extra grateful for the sun in its radiance and brilliance and warmth just in time for me to leave the hospital and come home.

I’m grateful for those who assisted me with transportation, around the hospital, inside the hospital, outside the hospital and then… Home.

I am grateful for a temporary home where I can stay for a few days until I can really go home.

I am grateful for the kindness and hospitality of people around me, my family of friends.

I am grateful for medication that allows me to function with minimal pain, and that I found a place that would fill my prescription.

I am grateful for insurance that covers medications…. even if they are not what was originally what the doctor ordered.

I am grateful for pizza. What a wonderful “welcome home” food… my favorite food… my happy food….pizza.

I am grateful for the generosity of the human soul.

I am grateful for caring, concerned people.

I am grateful for a chance to help others…be they friends or soon to be friends…..people I see a lot, or people I may never see again. Any chance to make a positive impact on someone’s life leaves me grateful.

I am grateful for every breath I take, every new moment, every new day, every new lesson, every person I encounter, and I’m #grateful365days for you, my family of friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am so very grateful for you.

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80/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

80/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Today I am grateful for help….people helping people. Throughout this past week in bed, it has amazed me how many people have reached out to help me… I lay here feeling alone and helpless. At the same time, it seems I have had more time and ability to reach out and help others…..people I know, and people I have just met. From friends who are local to people across the country. I have received help and I have been able to give it.

I’m grateful that I can feel useful And purposeful and helpful and do not feel useless. Technology is a wonderful thing, and I’m grateful that it connects us and can give even an infirm, immobile person connection and purpose.

I’m grateful that I’m getting out tomorrow ….at least 97% sure… Technology is great but I met as seeing all your beautiful faces and hearing your voices….. and hugs.

I’m gratful for each of you, my family of friends. That we are still connected over the distance and that we can inhabit the same space in love and friendship. Love you all. See ya soon.<3<3<3

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79/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

79/365 #365DaysOfGratitude

Today I am grateful for the power of connection…. To find people that I can resonate with and who resonate with me on so many different levels and in so many ways. Some people I resonate with in deeper ways and on deeper levels and others I resonate with in higher, less easily explainable ways. Some people I resonate with only when I’m near and others even when we are far. Sometimes the connection comes and goes….but In am always grateful to connect with people and find new connections and find people with whom I resonate on deeper and deeper levels.

I’m also grateful for those who serve. Everywhere we are surrounded by people who serve us. We don’t usually think about it, but anyone who helps you serves you, and those who protect and lead also serve you. We tend to forget these people and just say, “it’s their job….that’s what they get paid for.” While that’s true, they also tend to be forgotten and become numbers or forgettable faces. I am thankful for each and every one of them, and encourage those who read this… your thanks to them, use their names (that’s why they usually wear name tags) treat them like human beings….like you’d like to be treated.

I’m also thankful for laughter….. it makes life so much better. Laugh alone, laugh with others, laugh alone in the midst of others. You may find others will join you.

Most of all, I’m grateful for my family of friends….each and every one of you amazing people. I’m grateful to be able to share and exchange all we do. I’m #grateful365days for each and every one of you <3<3<3